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CPI 10035 120V DIMMING

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Output Voltage: 10,000V
Output Current: 35mA
Input Voltage: 120VAC 50/60Hz
Adjustable Dimming option built in
Overload Protection with Auto shutdown feature
Self Adjusting load sensor automatically adjusts from 2,000V to 10,000V output
Aluminum Heat Sink to protect the transformer from overheating and can contribute to longer product life
Can be mounted directly to metal
No mercury migration
Complies with all FCC regulations
Reduced energy consumption.
Weight: 2.5 lbs
20 Inches of Silicone GTO-15 Cable on each Secondary Lead
6 foot Power Cord
On/Off Pull Chain with 41" string



IMPUT: 120VAC ±10% 50/60Hz 1,200mA
OUTPUT: 10,000V 35mA
OPERATING TEMPERATURE: 0°C to 40°C 32°F to 104°F
TEMPERATURE RISE: +20°C / 36°F Above Ambient

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