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COOCHIP MODULE GREEN LEDMI-G150! These run COOL! Extended operating life at high ambient temperature, 75,000+ hrs @25℃ / 50,000+ hrs @40℃ for white LED modules 178° wide angle, emits much softer, more even light compared to regular LED. These can be customized as light bar. Excellent for channel letter, cabinet lighting or any other back lighting application.
Parallel constant current design with build in precise ECC (electric constant current) control unit for each module ensures highly consistent luminosity along all the modules in a string. The LED chip is attached and bonded directly to the aluminum PCB and heat-sink, resulting in ultra low heat resistance.
LED modules are a great part of an ongoing trend toward miniaturization of virtually all electronics. Accompanied by the demand for a reduction in power consumption makes LED modules a step in the right direction as with COOCHIP MODULE GREEN LEDMI-G150

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